Diane Greenhill LCSW



Creating balance has been an ongoing theme in my life and it’s something on which I place great value. Throughout my 20-year career as a corporate executive, I was an accomplished problem solver with an ability to unravel complex situations while maintaining a sense of objectivity and calm. 

Seeking more work and life balance, I eventually transitioned away from the demands of the corporate world and became a stay-at-home mom. With my children, I became interested in how and why we develop the way we do, the impact we have on each other’s lives and the concept of creating strength and resiliency in ourselves and each other. My curiosity led me to complete a graduate degree in clinical psychotherapy. 

In my early experience as a psychotherapist at a mental health clinic, I learned about the tragic state of mental health care in our communities and most importantly, I discovered that all of us, regardless of our histories and our present circumstances want the same things. We want to feel safe, we want to feel connected and we want to be understood.

More recently, I have worked in an acute inpatient psychiatric hospital and my clients are people who have had a serious mental health crisis. The work is often intense and the range of mental illnesses I have encountered is profound. It is an environment that requires the highest level of sensitivity and something that truly inspires me.

I am also a yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher and I believe the principles of mindfulness are relevant in psychotherapy and important for good mental health. 


I draw upon multiple psychotherapeutic modalities, including cognitive behavioral and solution-focused strategies. 

Together, we will work to clarify the sources of your imbalance and cultivate an effective and sensible treatment that suits you and your lifestyle. My goal is to help you increase awareness and develop skills and strategies that will allow you to discover your inner strength so you can continue on your life’s path with a renewed sense of confidence and resiliency.



Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service
MSW Master of Social Work

Fordham University
BA Public Administration

CT License #10137